Chapter 1: The basics of football fitness

Chapter 1: The basics of football fitness

Amateur football players will require high levels of fitness that enable them to run long duration with small rapid sprints throughout a 70 minute period or even longer in match finals if extra time is awarded. Research shows that the final 20 minutes of any football match will show a great importance on the fitness levels of both sides – if your team is too tired to run back to defend, then goals will be going in your net and not your opponents, likewise if you’re too tired to chase the ball, then how are you going to score goals?
football fitness afca
Endurance is important for any football team
Football training is a key element in today’s modern game, with amateur league players needing to be of a higher level of fitness in order to keep their place on the team for 70 minutes. A tired player regardless of his skill ability will quickly become a liability to any team and he will find himself either substituted or not even in the starting eleven.

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